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Spiritual muscles are the life-enhancing inner qualities that make up our spiritual being. This complete yoga program includes postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to strengthen twelve inner qualities: awareness, acceptance, focus, flexibility, balance, confidence, peace, strength, compassion, energy, playfulness, and connectedness.
The book's premise is simple: Developing a more flexible spine can make us more flexible in solving everyday problems. Improving our sense of balance can help us balance work and play, concern for self, and care for others.
Beautifully photographed at the famed Pleasantdale Chateau, this illustrated book features touching personal stories, inspiring quotations, and easy-to-follow instructions for traditional yoga postures as well as for creating your own postures for each "muscle."
Special sections are included on sharing yoga with your unborn child, yoga for older people, yoga in your workday, and yoga for kids.

Yoga for your Spiritual Muscles: A Yoga Program to Strengthen Body and Spirit

  • Rachel Schaeffer
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