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An introduction to "Living the Questions."
We can be happy in spite of hardship, heartbreak, or a job we hate. Pie-in-the-sky? This down-to-earth guy shows us how.
When personal tragedy struck, Howard Cushnir already knew the Zen practice of staying in the moment. But he wasn't prepared for the gift of grace he received. One day, all but lost, he was suddenly suffused with a complete sense of well-being---not a passing experience, but one available from then on. Paying close attention to the changes in his own inner states, Howard soon realized that feeling blissful is a choice we can always make, regardless of our circumstances.
His message is profound, but his method couldn't be more practical. All we do is ask ourselves two simple questions..

Unconditional Bliss: Finding Happiness in the Face of Hardship

  • Howard Raphael Cushnir
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