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In Tarot for Life: Reading the Cards for Everyday Guidance and Growth, author Paul Quinn transforms the Tarot from fortune-telling into the ultimate Self Help tool for intuitive guidance, empowerment, and well-being. He presents the Tarot as a lifelong tool to access inner wisdom, which can be applied to gain deeper insights and practical, inspired guidance in relationships, career, family, and personal growth.
Drawing on esoteric, spiritual, and psychological principles, Quinn shows how the Tarot can reveal unconscious beliefs and offer soul-directed advice leading to positive changes and greater well-being. Featuring illustrations from the 100-year old Rider- Waite deck, the book offers provocative casebook examples – one for each card -- from Quinn’s readings for clients, his Tarot students, and himself.
Listed as a “top talent” by Chicago Magazine, Quinn provides engaging examples of how the Tarot archetypes shed light on the influences—conscious and unconscious, inner and outer—that shape our life experiences, and identify opportunities for growth and transformation. One of the many anecdotes concerns a recovering alcoholic whose inverted Magician card helped remind her of her powerlessness to change a fellow alcoholic’s self-destructive behavior. Another story concerns a middle-aged man whose recent sexual rejuvenation was symbolized in the reversal of a card depicting an entombed knight. Among his personal anecdotes, the author tells of how the Death card once helpfully instructed him to examine his motives and let go of a grudge, with liberating results.
With a foreword by renowned Tarot expert Rachel Pollack, the book features examples of several Tarot card layouts as well as suggestions for creating one’s own. Rare in books on the subject, Quinn discusses the pitfalls of using the cards for prediction. While not denying the Tarot’s forecasting capabilities, he warns that anticipating outcomes – especially unwanted ones – can have a disempowering effect, leading to worry, despair, or resignation. Instead he advocates using the cards to discover how the power of one’s current beliefs, emotions and actions determine the future.

Tarot for Life: Reading the cards for everyday guidance and growth

  • Paul Quinn
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