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In Processmind Arnold Mindell, therapist and conflict resolution consultant, extends and deepens known patterns behind the universe as evidenced in physics and connects them to basic experiences found in psychology and mystical traditions. Processmind shows not only connections between modern physics, psychology, and the “gods” of spiritual traditions, but also describes practical methods to resolve problems in everyday life. In 20 inspiring and interactive chapters, this book provides tested methods that actualize our deepest, unitive consciousness for ourselves, relationships, organizations, and world.
What is "Processmind?" It is an earth-based experience of the “mind” behind our personal and large group processes. "Processmind" is perhaps our most basic, least known, and greatest power. The concept combines the physics of nonlocality with specific altered states of consciousness found in peak experiences. By calling on ideas about Aboriginal totem spirits, quantum entanglement and nonlocality, Mindell describes "Processmind" as the "structure of God experiences."
Drawing upon his extensive in individual and large-group conflict resolution, Mindell has created a kind of user’s guide to the universe’s hidden dimensions. However, Mindell himself advises against believing any processmind theory or related belief system about the universe’s possible code. Don’t believe anything until you test and prove that a theory works in everyday life! Such questioning, he hopes, will bring the belief systems of spiritual traditions and sciences closer together. It is for this reason that Processmind includes more than 30 exercises designed to help readers experience "Processmind" for themselves.
Mindell’s Processmind can help readers with dreams, body symptoms, relationships, and organizational and large-group conflict issues by guiding them to rely upon earth-based inner experience and rational thinking. A special workbook section at the end of the book allows readers to record the details of their engagement with the exercises.

ProcessMind: A User's Guide to Connecting with the Mind Of God

  • Arnold Mindell
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