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Practical Sufism is respected Sufi representative Phillip Gowins’ gentle guide to finding and maintaining your spiritual path. Following Gowins’ own journey through meeting his spiritual teacher Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and the lessons he learned along the way, Practical Sufism offers insights into the age-old spiritual concerns with attaining happiness, making commitments, and understanding love and death, poignant to any level of spiritual practitioner in language easily followed by the novice. An uplifting and interactive work, this book provides meditative exercises, utilized by Sufi initiates world wide that bring the reader to a state of positive introspection and life altering realization.
After quoting the Sufi teachings of Pir Vilayat and other renowned leaders, Gowins reveals their modern translations and practical applications for every day experience. Gowins then instructs the reader through a meditation, allowing he/she to apply his insights to his/her own spiritual journey. He guides the reader from simple breathing meditations to more advanced practices that will allow the reader to envision and then embody the advanced mystic. Written from a place of love for the spiritual journeyman, Practical Sufism is not a fluff piece promising relaxation and instant revelation. It is candid in its assertion that the spiritual journey takes time and practice, but can bring true healing and happiness founded in a greater understanding of the interconnectedness of the universe.

Practical Sufism: A Guide to the Spiritual Path

  • Phillip Gowins
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