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In these days of global crisis, many thoughtful seekers have recognized the healing wisdom of Native American spirituality. As the world moves into a time of transformation to align with the expansion and evolution of Earth energies, these seekers have turned to the Earth-based, heart-centered Sacred Pipe ceremony to help heal humankind and the Earth through this transition.
The pipe ceremony is truly ancient – the oldest pipes discovered are 3 to 4 thousand years old – and it has gathered power down through the ages. Path of the Sacred Pipe: Journey of Love, Power, and Healing offers an in-depth account of the Sacred Pipe, exploring the history, meaning, philosophy, use and relevance of the pipe, from its ancient roots in the indigenous spirituality of our ancestors to its vital importance today.
Author Jay Cleve, a pipe-carrier for over 25 years, provides practical, step-by-step guidelines to help the reader obtain and spiritually “awaken” a pipe. He then explains the pipe ceremony in detail, which starts with a cleansing of the pipe through a process called smudging. A carrier then asks permission to smoke the pipe, fills it, and finally enters deeply into sacred ceremony.
Cleve also explains the Pipe’s relation to the Medicine Wheel as well as its use in rituals such as the sweat lodge, the vision quest and the sun dance. Details are also offered as to how to clean, care for and store a pipe.
The in-depth history of the pipe, including prophesies, symbology, spiritual philosophies and relevance of the pipe ceremony to other sacred ceremonies in Path of the Sacred Pipe will appeal to the novice and seasoned pipe carrier alike.

Path of the Sacred Pipe: Journey of Love, Power, and Healing

  • Jay Cleve, Ph.D.
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