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The chaos of this modern world has pushed our schedules to the max. The workday greets us with a toxic sea of rush-hour traffic with no end in sight; and we have a myriad of deadlines to meet and contracts to sign. Qigong and meditation educator Dennis Lewis believes the time has come to break away and simply breathe! In this refreshing and easy-to-use guide, author Dennis Lewis instructs how to restore calmness and clarity.
A long time practitioner of Taoism, Advaita and the Gurdjieff work, Lewis shares his knowledge of natural breathing to bring readers face to face with their true and present self. He demonstrates how focused breathing disbands physical and emotional knots and restores physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
Breathe into Being offers purposeful breath through exercises that are short and attainable, while maintaining rich, insightful content. Learn how so many of us unconsciously hold our breaths, and how to correct this surprising and unhealthy tendency! Discover the body’s various breathing spaces and how to most effectively work with your diaphragm. Determine where your structural tensions lie and how to sense the spine and re-connect with your center of gravity. Both body and mind emerge refreshed and at peace, bringing spiritual vitality and awareness throughout. Whereas most books on breathing explore breath work as a means for achieving some future goal, Breathe into Being proves an invaluable tool for managing those real-life instances ‘in the present moment’ when mounting emotional stress and tensions can peak so suddenly.

Breathe into Being: Awakening to Who you really are

  • Dennis Lewis
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