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Popular culture is bursting at the seams with its vigorous fascination of the paranormal. Haunting apparitions, psychic mediums and mystical divinations are captivating motion pictures, cable television and bookstands at ever-increasing rates. Despite this paranormal explosion, the scientific community has done shockingly little to progress in its efforts to explain the unexplained. Hard factual evidence for telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition does exist; sadly, its voice has been stifled by deficient psychical research. But there is hope…
A New Science of the Paranormal is the highly passionate and astute appeal of acclaimed psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Lawrence LeShan. This deeply affecting and hardnosed argument implores readers to recognize the crucial need to pursue a scientific understanding of psychic phenomenon. A New Science of the Paranormal incorporates powerfully persuasive empirical findings with gripping, yet heartfelt, documented psychic events to deliver a fresh look into the astonishing mystery of the human potential.
LeShan goes above and beyond a mere call to action by explaining, not just what the scientific community must begin doing, but why they have failed to in the first place. LeShan demonstrates how researchers’ reliance on classical scientific method has left them largely defective in their approach. Mainstream science has been reluctant to realize that, although controlled experiments do provide scientific proof of the psychical, the laboratory is an unsuitable channel for acquiring sizeable results.
The old ways of doing science aren’t working, and what’s at stake is far too critical to sit idly by! As LeShan so poignantly declares, “We desperately need a new concept of what is a human being if we are to stop killing each other and poisoning our only planet.” Psychical research contains the promise for this ‘new concept’. Far more than the gratification of pop novelty, psychical research contains the key for discovering man’s highest potential, the kind of far-reaching transformation our planet so desperately needs. A New Science of the Paranormal is an absolute must read for the skeptic, the believer and for hopeful humans at large.

A New Science of the Paranormal: The Promise of Psychical Research

  • Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D.
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