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The prize-winning author’s Mormonism and literary prose distinguish this book among spiritual memoirs. In a series of thought-provoking, personal essays, Phyllis Barber provides an engaging account of how she left her original Mormon faith and eventually returned to it decades later. Her journey began in the 1990s. In search of spiritual healing and a deeper understanding of the Divine, she traveled widely and participated with people of many different persuasions, including Southern Baptists (both African-American and Caucasian); Tibetan Buddhist monks in Tibet and North India; shamans in Peru and Ecuador; goddess worshipers in the Yucatan; and members of mega-church congregations, an Islamic society, and Gurdjieff study groups. Along the way she discovered the ancient wisdom preserved by religions and spiritual practices around the world, and the parallel life we all live with the Unseen. Her twenty-year hiatus from Mormonism transformed her in powerful ways. When she decided to return to her original religion, she was a much different human being and more of a mystic than someone given to a particular dogma. Her clarity and unflinching honesty will encourage others to continue with their own personal odysseys.

To The Mountain: One Mormon Woman’s Search for Spirit

  • Phyllis Barber
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