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The first in a series of Theosophical works presented under the imprint of Wisdom Tradition Books. Emily Sellon was an active Theosophical leader, teacher, and supporter for all of her adult life. This book is taken from a weekend seminar she led, offering her integrative view of Theosophical theory and practice. She found the great principles in The Secret Doctrine to be not just theory, but a practical guide to living.
In the last chapter, The Goal of the Pilgrimage, she says,"We are all walking on the same path. We are all seeking the same end, no matter how diverse our paths may be, and are enriched by the fact that so many people contribute from so many different points of view."
In another talk she was quoted as having said, "Theosophy is everything, but not everything is Theosophy."

The Pilgrim and the Pilgrimage

  • Emily B. Sellon
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