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It is the author’s thesis that all life’s problems arise from three illusions which were drawn over mankind at the beginning of history when the Solar Deity seeking to manifest drew over himself three limitations giving rise to three primary illusions of Space or objects existing in space as dimensions, Time as succession of events and Self as separated existence.
The mind of man vainly tries to measure Boundless space dimensionally, Eternity in terms of our terrestrial time and fails to conceive Self except in terms of separate existence. Grasp of Infinity, Eternity and Unity appear to elude its grasp.
The author has sought to bring all the Theosophical Wisdom relating to Matter and Cosmogenesis, Involution and Evolution and the laws governing these under the three sections Illusions of Space, Time and Self. He contends that Science, Philosophy and Religion are the means for grappling with these illusions.
The book with many illustrations and charts is very instructive and illuminating.
E. Norman Pearson born in England in 1887 joined the Theosophical Society in 1911. During a long life of service to the cause of Theosophy he held various offices in different Lodges and Federations. He organized the Michigan Federation of the Society and The Detroit Institute of Theosophy to prepare and distribute lectures and class material illustrated by reel slides.

Space, Time and Self

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  • Norman E. Pearson
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