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With all the action and suspense of a bestselling mystery novel, Red Shambhala takes you on a thrilling journey into the underground occult agenda of the 1920’s Soviet Secret Police. Using historical archives and primary documents, former Library of Congress historian and Professor Andrei Znamenski reveals the strange accounts of the Bolsheviks’ clandestine quest for ultimate power.
Red Shambhala details the zealous Bolshevik commissar Gleb Bokii’s and renowned occult writer Alexander Barchenko’s attempts to use Tibetan Buddhist wisdom to conjure a divine era of Communism by tapping into a power of mysterious Shambhala, a prophecy about a land of pure mystical bliss where inhabitants enjoyed god-like capabilities .
This romantic dream also caught the attention of other die-hard revolutionaries, staunch nationalists and Theosophical occultists, forging a most unlikely 20th century enterprise. Bolshevik secret police, Tibetan lamas, the famed occult couple Nicholas and Helena Roerich, and the right-wing fanatic baron Roman von Ungern-Sternberg known as "Bloody White" embarked in unison on dangerous quests through Mongolia, Tibet and farther to the Himalayas. Despite their different agendas, they pursued the same goal: to use the potent power of Tibetan-Buddhist prophecies. For all these impassioned crusaders victory meant bringing the dawn of perfect man and obtaining the keys to a benevolent all-powerful ideal society that would serve as the beacon for all humankind.
For all those interested in the secret machinations that often occur behind political movements, Red Shambhala proves impossible to put down! Blackmail, ritualistic blood sacrifice, Tantric "avenging" lamas, fiery psychic visions from masters of a Great White Brotherhood and a magical black stone that fell from heaven, Red Shambhala reveals that real-life history is at times far stranger than fiction.

Red Shambhala: Magic, Prophecy, and Geopolitics in the Heart of Asia

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  • Andrei Znamenski
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