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In three inspiring and illuminating lectures, Annie Besant reveals the Reign of Law in the Universe and the need for man to understand and act according to that Law for his material, moral and spiritual progress.
Man can realize his true nature as the Higher Consciousness only in proportion as he 'tranquillizes the senses and restrains the mind'.
He advances towards that realization in proportion as he obeys 'Dharma', the Law of Duty, by setting himself definitely and resolutely to the fulfilment of all his obligations.
Ultimately, the Law of Sacrifice lifts him upwards. By leading a life of daily sacrifices and by pouring himself out in service for others one day he finds himself on the summit of Self-realization.
This book is an imprint of the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, and is imported from India

Laws of the Higher Life

  • Annie Besant

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