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In this country of India, where so large proportion of Indians belong to the great faith of the Prophet Muhhammad, there are some seventy million people who regard Him as the chief messenger of God. Here naturally Theosophy comes in to help all those who follow that faith. Their position among the religions of the world is not as fully recognized as it ought to be; that is , Islam is not regarded as it should be by very many, as one of the great exponents of Divine Wisdom . Taken as a religion, it is often unfairly attacked because it is utterly misunderstood as to the greatness of its Prophet and the nobility of his teachings to the world. Oftentimes in the West you find attacks on Islam made on the ground that it is fanatically persecuting and not progressive; on the ground that the position of woman in Islam is not such as it should be; on the ground that it does not encourage learning,. Science and intellectual endeavour. These are the three chief attacks which the Westerns make against Islam. I want, towards the conclusion of what I have to say, to show you that these attacks are not justified by the teachings of the Prophet , and are controverted by the services which Islam has rendered to the world…..
This book is an imprint of the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, and is imported from India.

Beauties of Islam

  • Annie Besant
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